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Friday, July 23, 2004

Web Design Blogs

I love reading blogs that focus on Web Design. I'm always amazed at what people are able to produce when their right brains are working in hypergear.

And you know how it is when you follow a couple of blogs that you really like. Before long, they'll have a post about another blog, and you'll find yourself following the link almost mindlessly. If it's an interesting post, the blog gets added to your subscription.

So it's really no wonder that after just a couple of months of using Bloglines as my RSS feed reader, I've now got quite a long list of subscriptions to blogs that focus on web design.

Here they are, in no particular order:
  • SimpleBits. The hypertext home of web design consultant and author, Dan Cederholm

  • Mezzoblue. Dave Shea

  • Asterisk. D. Keith Robinson

  • Authentic Boredom. Cameron Moll.

  • Design By Fire. By Andrei Herasimchuk. From the school of hard knocks, where we always burn the midnight oil with a passion for design.

  • Molly. The personal and professional web site of Molly E. Holzschlag, author, instructor, web standards evangelist. Sometimes interesting, often mundane, with topics ranging from pop-culture to Internet policies.

  • Jeffrey Zeldman's Daily Report. Web design news, info, and insights since 1995. CSS layout, XHTML, usability, accessibility. Designing with web standards. ISSN #1534-0309

  • Airbag Industries. Greg Storey's site. "The World's Safest Website"

  • Superfluous Banter. Personal blog of Dan Rubin.

  • Nundroo. The newly launched blog of Didier Hilhorst

  • Veerle. Thoughts on Music, Ibiza, Apple, Nature, Graphic/Web design.

  • Whitespace. Learning design through teaching design.

  • Ordered List. Articles and opinions on Web Standards, PHP, MySQL, and generally all things web related.

  • Angie McKaig. Design. Geekery. Business. Culture. And a great pair of legs!

Happy reading!


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