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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Manifesto for Corporate Weblogs

Although I started blogging several months ago, I still know very little about the Blogosphere and its inhabitants. Thankfully, every day brings new, valuable discoveries, such as Robert Scoble's Corporate Weblogs Manifesto.

It's a great thing to stumble across, in light of the fact that:
  • Google had recently launched a blog and I had been keeping a curious eye on it out of personal interest; and

  • I had been sharing my renewed personal interest in Blogging with my boss, but couldn't come up with ideas as to how our company could use it. When the day comes that we start Blogging as a company, I'm sure this manifesto will be the first thing I dig up from the archives.

Anyway, from a timing standpoint, it really looks like corporate blogs are picking up steam. Debbie Weil's blog even has a whole category of posts that focus on "Blogging for Business", and she offers a seminar on Blogging for Associations.


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