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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ask the HeadHunter

At a time when many people are anxious about job prospects, career paths, and employment packages, it's always refreshing to come across a site that gives targeted and meaningful advice to both applicants and employers.

I first encountered Ask the Headhunter years ago because I was new as a hiring manager and was probably more nervous about conducting interviews than any of my interviewees. I was always combing the bookstores and the internet for advice on how to conduct job interviews. The articles by Nick Corcodilos helped me put the whole job interview process into perspective: forget the trick questions -- just focus on finding out if the interviewee is someone you want in your firm.

Over the years, I've pointed many of my younger friends to Nick's newsletter and I continue to revisit it myself on a regular basis. Much of the career advice directed at employees (e.g., How to perform in a performance review) can be flipped around and used by bosses as concrete advice on how they can be better managers. Anyone who seeks self-improvement will manage to find something new to think about from this site.


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