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Friday, October 08, 2004

Google SMS

Just saw from Google's blog that they're now offering Google SMS as a new service.

I'm not really sure how useful the area code and residential look-up services would be to non-US residents, but the DEFINE and PRICE information services are definitely of interest to me.

I wonder how they can make money from this. I know in the Philippines, people would set it up so that the content provider (in this case, Google) and the telco would make money from making this available. I wonder how long will it take before someone in the Philippines offers the equivalent service?

Ev's Gone

Had fallen behind a bit on my blog reading, so it's only today that I learn Evan Williams has left Blogger/Google. I must admit I feel sad, even though I've never met him.

What I found interesting about his exit, however, is the fact that:
  • he blogged about it on Evhead.com, and
  • he posted a farewell message on Blogger News, which means there's no way that Blogger users could have missed it.

Most people who leave a company don't get a chance to make so graceful an exit; so from a PR standpoint, it sure seems like he's leaving Blogger/Google in good terms.